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Community Fundraising Application Form

Thank you very much for your interest in organising a fundraising event to raise money for the Asylum Seekers Centre (ASC). We greatly appreciate your support.

ASC relies on support from wonderful people like yourself, so that we can continue to provide essential practical and personal support to people seeking asylum in Australia. Community fundraising activities are especially important as they help raise awareness about our vital services.

Please complete this form so we can officially register your fundraising activity, provide you with an authorisation to fundraise, assist
with promotions and support you in your fundraising endeavours. If you have any queries, please phone our fundraising team on 02 9078 1900 or email We are here to help.
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Asylum Seekers Centre - Community Fundraising Guidelines

  1. An Application to Fundraise must be completed for consideration by Asylum Seekers Centre.

  2. An Authority to Fundraise must be received from Asylum Seekers Centre prior to the fundraising event or activity commencing.

  3. Cash collections in public places or door-to-door fundraising will not be completed as part of this fundraising activity.

  4. Use of Asylum Seekers Centre name and logo in any promotional materials or media releases must be approved by Asylum Seekers Centre prior to public distribution.

  5. Promotions of the fundraising event or activity must clearly state Asylum Seekers Centre as the beneficiary. Examples of wording include “Proudly supporting the Asylum Seekers Centre”, or “Raising Funds for the Asylum Seekers Centre”.

  6. Transparency of how funds will be raised and what amounts will be distributed to Asylum Seekers Centre must be clearly disclosed.

  7. The event will be conducted in the organiser’s name, who will be solely responsible for managing the fundraising event or activity in an appropriate and responsible way.

  8. Approved community fundraisers will undertake to meet all costs and requirements associated with the event themselves (including permits, venue hire, required insurances).

  9. ASC does not provide public liability insurance or other insurances for community fundraising events.

  10. Funds raised must be transferred to Asylum Seekers Centre within four weeks of the conclusion of an event or at an agreed time/s depending on the activity.

  11. Asylum Seekers Centre will provide individual receipts for cash donations made as part of the fundraising event or activity. The person’s name, address, phone, email and payment details must be provided to Asylum Seekers Centre for issue of tax deductible receipts.

  12. Receipts cannot be issued for an auction item or raffle tickets as such payments are not tax deductible.

  13. Asylum Seekers Centre will not issue tax receipts for in-kind donations sourced to support the fundraising event or activity.

  14. Community Fundraisers are not allowed to manufacture, sell or license any goods bearing the name or logo of Asylum Seekers Centre.



I confirm that I am responsible for this community fundraising event and declare that all information in this application is true and accurate. I have read and accept the terms and conditions stated in the Fundraising Guidelines and indemnify the Asylum Seekers Centre from and against any claims for injuries or damage arising at or from the fundraiser that is the subject of this application. I agree to transfer all funds to ASC within four weeks of the conclusion of the event and I agree that all promotional material be approved by ASC prior to public release.

What’s next? We will be back to you soon to discuss the details of your community fundraising event. Approved fundraisers will receive an Authority to Fundraise letter and support from our Fundraising Team.

Thank you.