'We were fighting by ourselves.' Please donate.

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MONTHLY DONATION - Thank you for choosing to donate monthly. 

By joining our regular-giving program, you’re offering long term support to people seeking asylum in NSW. You allow us to offer practical assistance, helping people to remain connected and resilient while they navigate the long process of seeking asylum.

"I am concentrating on how to live,
  how to fulfil our basic needs of living."  Bala*

People seeking asylum urgently need practial support so they can meet their basic needs of living. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it harder for people seeking asylum.
It has also made it harder for ASC to support people.

Please support families to survive through this crisis.

  • $50 - can help put food on the table
  • $100 - can help a child go to preschool, building a child's resilience
  • $200 - can provide support to find work
  • $500 - can assist with housing

Yes, I would like to give a monthly donation to Asylum Seekers Centre to help provide practical support for people seeking asylum. (For one-off donation, click here).

Yes, I would like to give a MONTHLY donation to Asylum Seekers Centre to help people to keep the lights on and bring the power to a family’s home.

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